Welcome to Sugarhouse Stationery! I am so pleased to offer you custom stationery for your wedding day.

Our clients are required to read this page and sign off that the expectations described on this are understood prior to starting your project. Checking the box at the bottom of your initial inquiry form means that you read and understood the polices and processes listed below.

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I love to start this process with a 60 minute consultation so I can understand everything that you're looking for with your stationery. If you're located within an hours drive of Williston, Vermont, I would love to meet with you in person! If you aren’t local, I'm also available for consultations over the phone or Skype. Once I understand your ideas, I will send you an estimate or custom package options for your project which takes 2-3 days to prepare.


I am a graphic designer and I respect the work of other artists and stationery designers. I am excited to review your inspirations; however, I will not copy another designer’s work. At Sugarhouse Stationery, it is important to me that every piece of stationery I create is my own. Sending inspiration to me to give an idea of your style is great! But please, don’t send me someone else’s design and ask to create a copy for you, but with your wording and colors. I will absolutely not do that; it is considered plagiarism and I could be fined for doing such. If you find something you love elsewhere, please pursue it!

I love to work with my clients to create something that's truly unique and specific to what they're looking for. I love getting to know the couples I'm working with to bring out their personality and story within their stationery.


Once our initial consultation is completed, all following consultations will be made by appointment.

All Grade-A Invitation projects include one (1) 60-90 minute initial meeting as well as (3) 30 minute follow-up phone calls after each round of designs to gather thoughts and feedback from the client. Additional consultation time is billed at $100/hr.

All Maple Custom Invitation projects will include (1) 60-90 minute initial meeting as well as (6) 30 minute follow-up phone calls after each round of designs to gather thoughts and feedback from the client. Additional consultation time is billed at $100/hr.


Once I understand your ideas, I will send you a detailed proposal, showing the total investment for your order. This proposal can change, based on any design decisions you choose to make during the design, revision, and proofing processes. This proposal will also include an ideal timeline where we will schedule our meetings or phone calls along with design revision due dates. This way, we know exactly what milestones we need to hit in order to get you your stationery on time! Once you approve the proposal and timeline, I will draft up a contract. Once you sign the contract and submit deposit, we start the project! The client is responsible for ensuring all quantities and details are accurate on your proposal at this time.


Once you approve the project proposal and timeline, I will send you a final contract. A deposit is due upon the signing of your contract and is 50% of the total cost. I require a deposit and a signed contract to begin any work to make sure that the time and money I spend to start creating your invitations is paid for. If you decide that you want to cancel your order but the deposit has already been made, you will forfeit your deposit. This policy is in place to protect my investment into your stationery designs; whether that be time and/or money.


A sample kit is automatically mailed to any customer who makes a Maple Custom Inquiry. Anyone else may request a sample kit here. The sample kit will include a paper guide and samples of our Grade-A Invitation designs, which allows you to experience the look and feel of the hand-selected papers and fine printing methods in person. It will also include more information about our services and prices.


All designs and concepts are property of Sugarhouse Stationery. Sugarhouse Stationery retains all rights to use the preliminary and completed designs for the purpose of display through our marketing or for other clients, upon request.


Sugarhouse Stationery takes pride in the quality of our work. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your product, please contact us. Sugarhouse Stationery is not responsible for orders containing errors made by the customer such as spelling or grammatical errors, or for any error that the customer approved during our proofing & approval process. We are not responsible for any photos that have been provided with low-resolution quality. Maddie from Sugarhouse Stationery LLC will attempt to contact the customer if we feel the quality of the photo to be insufficient.


Unfortunately, email is not always foolproof. Sugarhouse Stationery will follow our established timeline that was agreed upon within this contract. If you think you are missing an email from me, please feel free to contact me by phone or email to follow up!


Digital printing is a machine run process, but color is adjusted by eye. I will color match as closely as I can to a Pantone swatch if you have one, but there may be slight variation upon final output. Color will also vary between computer screens; yours and mine. Please be aware that the colors in your sample packet will be the closest match to your final prints. If you need more explanation regarding this process, please let me know.


t this point, Foil Printing services are limited only to Maple Custom design projects. Foil Printing is completed through a trusted outside studio. It’s a handmade process, and the metallic foils and impressions may vary slightly between print runs and differ slightly from samples. This process takes a significant amount of time and must be built into the timeline upon creation of your proposal; any time between 4 – 8 weeks can be added for this print method. This printing method is very beautiful, but very costly. In order to get you the most accurate quote for this printing method, basic designs and design ideas will need to be communicated to that printer.


If you are utilizing our envelope printing services, I will provide and send you an Excel template as this format is required. Your addresses will be printed exactly as you submit them, so please spell out or abbreviate as you desire. All envelope address designs will be sent back to the client for proofing and final approval. Sugarhouse Stationery will not be responsible for any spelling errors. Please check carefully!


At this time, we do not offer this as a service. But, we can refer you to a wonderful, local, Vermont calligrapher whom we highly recommend. Availability is not guaranteed.


Assembly will be completed by the client. We are sorry to say that we cannot offer this as a service at this time. Thank you.


Proposals are created on a per-project basis and can be edited with changes to the design, quantities, paper choices, etc. Sugarhouse Stationery will notify you of any pricing updates upon notification from the client on the desired changes. This will be sent back to the client in a revised proposal and will require an updated sign-off by the client. If the changes result in a different total amount than originally agreed upon, the final payment installment will reflect the change regardless if the amount increases or decreases. It is the client’s responsibility to cover any additional costs before the project goes into production. Quotes and estimates are valid for 14 days.


Developing your timeline depends on the complexity and details of your project. Ideally, invitations should be sent out to your guests 2 months prior to your wedding date. I like to call this the “Send Out Date”. Once we establish the “Send Out Date”, I work backwards from that date to create your custom timeline.

To ensure a smooth process, I require 3 months of time for all of my Grade-A Invitation packages to develop your customized invitations. For Maple Custom Invitations, I require 6 months of time to design your custom stationery.

A timeline and estimated completion date will be included in your contract. Sugarhouse Stationery will strive to hit every milestone within this timeline, but it is important for the client to also cooperate in a timely manner. Sugarhouse Stationery will not be responsible for not meeting deadlines due to delayed client action or response.


You will have the chance to review the design elements and send back specific feedback to me after each round of revisions. All feedback deadlines will be outlined in your custom timeline and will keep us on track for an on-time completion date!

Our Grade-A Invitation design packages come with three (3) complimentary rounds of revisions. Once we start your fourth (4) round of design revisions, a fee of $150 will be applied to your order and to each additional round. We will give every effort to adhere to our timeline, but, ultimately the revision process is based on the length of your feedback and timeliness of your responses.

Our Maple Custom Invitation packages have a limit of six (6) rounds of revisions. For our Maple Custom packages, once we start your seventh (7) round of design revisions, a fee of $150 will be applied to your order and to each additional round. Again, we will give every effort to adhere to our timeline, but, ultimately the revision process is based on the length of your feedback and timeliness of your responses.


Our Grade-A line of invitations must be ordered in sets of 25 starting at a minimum of 75. We recommended that you order a minimum of 15 extra for keepsakes and any last minute additions to the guest list. We do not require a minimum or specific quantity increments for our Maple Custom Invitation packages.

If there are any changes to quantity after final approval, a revised proposal will be provided and will require an updated sign-off. If additional pieces are needed after the client receives their invitations, this will require a minimum $200 charge as well as a new proposal with a rush fee of 25% of the total cost, added. These charges account for the rush job added to our print vendors production schedule, production and press set up fees, and the additional time and work spent on getting the client their additional pieces as fast as possible. Sugarhouse Stationery is not held responsible if the deadline is not met in this situation.


When we have finalized the last round of revisions, we create your proofs. Proofs are the final, print ready files that will be supplied to the printer upon your approval. All proofs are designed to actual paper size, using all of your information and chosen colors. It is your responsibility to carefully review your proofs for any error. This includes: Any and all spelling, layout, website URLS, phone numbers, addresses & directions, etc. This is the time to check every detail to make sure it's all correct! I will provide you with a final, approval checklist so you can ensure nothing is overlooked. Once you go through your checklist, your sign-off is required indicating your approval. Once I receive back the checklist with your approval, I can send your stationery to print!

You are also responsible for ensuring all quantities and details are accurate on your proposal at this time as well. If the scope of your design should change dramatically during the proof process, a new proposal must be approved, and a new timeline will need to be evaluated. Once you give your final approval and sign-off, any errors are corrected at your expense.

Once you provide your final approval on the proofs, the balance on your order is due. Your proposal will be adjusted to reflect any order changes we made along the way. Upon receipt of final payment, all approved print files will be sent to my printer and the production process begins. At this time, no additional changes can be made once you provide your final approval. 

Your timeline will be updated if additional proofs are required.


After final approvals are set, if changes are needed, a new proof is required for another approval from you and at a charge of $100. Each additional proof is a fee of $100 thereafter.

If quantity changes are necessary, fees may be assessed to order new materials. Rush fees will be applied if changes or additions are made at this point in the process.

All changes, and additions are welcome before the proofing process. If quantities change, regardless of when those changes are made, fees may be assessed to order additional materials.


If the scope of your design should change dramatically during the proof process, a new proposal must be approved, and a new timeline will need to be evaluated.  Every item must be proofed, even single-print pieces. If you do not see an item in your proof, please let me know. If any color shown is drastically different than you requested, tell me!


Once you provide me with your final approval, I send your stationery to my printer. Turnaround times vary on our timeline, the printer's availability and the printing processes that you choose. On average, the printing and production time takes about two (2) weeks after proof approval. Your invitations are delivered ready for you to assemble. Sugarhouse Stationery does not offer assembly & mailing services at this time.


A deposit is required for each project and is 50% of the entire order. The deposit is due at the time of your order and is non-refundable. The design process will not begin without the deposit.

All orders must be paid in full before the production stage; prior to printing. Should final payment and/or design approval not take place after three attempts at communication via phone and email, the client forfeits their deposit and the contract is terminated.

Sugarhouse Stationery currently accepts cash, check, and PayPal transactions. There is a $50 fee for returned checks.


Sugarhouse Stationery reserves the right to change prices without notice. Pricing changes may be affected by an increase or decrease in supplier, service and/or production costs.


Orders may be considered RUSH if they are needed within an eight (8) week turnaround. ThRush orders are accepted depending on availability and the requirements of the project. Rush orders will add a charge of 25% to your order total at the time of proposal delivery.


Sugarhouse Stationery cannot be responsible for unforeseen circumstances, work-stoppages, "acts of God", which may make it impossible for me to complete your job in a reasonable amount of time. My complete obligation to you may be discharged in its entirety by my refund of your deposit, without prejudice, and disclaiming any secondary consequences or costs that you may incur. It is my intention to complete every job to completion, but if there is a substantial reason that I choose not to move forward with any part of your project, a refund will be assessed and you will be required to sign a refund form with agreed refund amount. Please be aware that any delays caused by you will postpone your estimated completion date.


If there is a need to cancel your order, please contact Sugarhouse Stationery right away. If your final approval has not been received and your project has not gone into production, your deposit forfeited and any materials that have been purchased to create your project will be charged to you. Cancellations after the order has gone into the production process will not be accepted. The client is responsible for the entire amount as stated in your contract. All quantities of each item provided in the final design release are covered by this clause upon acceptance of this contract. Any quantities lowered or items cancelled after final approval and the production process are at the sole discretion of Sugarhouse Stationery and will constitute forfeiture of that portion of the invoice.


Because of the personalization of custom stationery, orders are non-refundable, without exception no matter if your order is within the Grade-A line or the Maple Custom Design line.


When your order is finished printing, I will review everything to ensure every detail is perfect. Then, it's ready to ship to you! I either use FedEx, UPS, or the US Postal Service (USPS Priority). Please let me know if you have a specific preference. The cost of shipments varies greatly based on the weight of your invitation order and delivery location. The average shipment of stationery is anywhere between $30 - $50.

Sugarhouse Stationery is not responsible for any lost mail or damage during shipping. I will carefully package everything to avoid damage, but if your job suffers damage in transit, you must file a claim against the carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) to recover the value.

Sugarhouse Stationery will do our best to re-print the order as quickly as possible as a service to you, but will have to charge the full price for replacement plus the 25% rush fee. International packages will be charged accordingly.

If you live close by, we can arrange a pick up date!

Once you receive your items please count and review all items within 72 hours of pick up or delivery.  


By using the website and signing our contract, you represent that you are at least 18 years of age and of legal age. You represent that all of your provided personal information, including email address, is correct. All information, activity and purchases made with Sugarhouse Stationery LLC are solely your responsibility. For more information, view our full Privacy Policy.


You agree that the use of the website will be solely at your own risk. Sugarhouse Stationery LLC makes no warranties to the correctness or reliability of the content on the site and assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors, mistakes or inaccuracies of content or to personal injury or property damage resulting from your access and use of the website, any Sugarhouse Stationery LLC product, or any content posted, emailed or transmitted from Sugarhouse Stationery LLC.

Sugarhouse Stationery LLC has to obligation to assume the cost of repairs or service to users’ hardware, software or other equipment in the event of any claims of damage.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to fill out a contact form or email Maddie at maddie@sugarhousestationery.com