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Over the course of the last few months, I’ve been challenging myself to think a little deeper about my passion for art and design and my intentions with Sugarhouse Stationery. I originally started this business to give myself more creative freedom, to work one on one with clients, and to create totally unique designs that inspire couples to be different, or to represent their originality.


Searles Chapel + School 2018-0012.jpg
Searles Chapel + School 2018-0005.jpg


Now, when I look back on those original intentions - I feel like I may have, slightly, missed the mark… As I’ve met other vendors in the industry, soaked in wedding inspiration, and ultimately sat down to design, I’ve tried my best to keep those original intentions in mind. But, somewhere along the way - I feel like a part of me has turned down a different path and plunged myself into the dreaded sea of sameness.



I don’t want my products to look like everyone else’s products. I don’t want my designs to look like they belong on everyone’s Pinterest board. I don’t want to compete with the big online providers. I want to be unique and to show my true colors through my work.

I have been privileged to network and collaborate with some other amazing vendors who also repeat the same idea: …You are your work, your brand is a representation of yourself - let it reflect you! That’s what customers ultimately want! No one wants all of the same thing, anyway…


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SugarhouseStationery ButterflySuite

SugarhouseStationery GameofThronesSuite
Sugarhouse Stationery GOT Themed Suite

So, I’ve obviously been doing some soul searching; I’ve been challenging myself to go back to my roots, channel my personality and infuse it into my designs. Now, don’t get me wrong; there are some designs that I’ve created that I absolutley love. But, then there are others that I feel could have been pushed a little more, or have been reflective of my unique personality and aesthetic.


Moving forward - I have decided that I am going to change things up a bit here at Sugarhouse Stationery. I have built this brand myself from the ground up. I would be doing it an injustice if it wasn’t a true reflection of a design aesthetic I love and my personality. I have some ideas for how and what will change, but haven’t flushed them out yet. So be sure to stay tuned for new products, new designs, and a whole new way to indulge yourself with some lovely paper products!

More soon