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Sugarhouse Stationery - Acadia

I've been feeling nostalgic knowing that its the 100th birthday of the National Parks Service. My husband and I visited Acadia National Park for our Honeymoon in early October last year.  So, in honor of the NPS Centennial, I've dug out some photos I'd love to share with you of our adventure to the beautiful coast of Maine to Acadia National Park.

We started planning our honeymoon early... wayyyy early. My husband, Collin, and I love traveling - so planning our Honeymoon trip was really fun, and overwhelming! We could justify any type of vacation! Anything! Hawaii, Italy, Ireland - whatever! But, after many many nights of research and lists of pros and cons - we ultimately decided to cut back on the cost of a lavish vacation in exchange for hopefully saving money for a house. When did we become responsible adults???

Plus, we both absolutely love the fall in New England. The weather is cool, crisp, and comfortable. The foliage is unbelievable and it's our favorite time to do outdoor activities. For those reasons, we decided to stay in New England. Now, it was just time to pick a spot.

Sugarhouse Stationery - Acadia

We knew we wanted to be by the coast. Even though it would be too cold for swimming, there is something so relaxing about being by the beach. So, that led us to think about the possibilities of visiting Nantucket, Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Bar Harbor.

Bar Harbor... hmmm. Acadia National Park... hmmm. The wheels started turning. We realized we could camp there! Camping is something we both love as well. The simplicity of being immersed in nature is so calming. And, no matter what, it's always an adventure! Plus, campfires, smores, making our own food over the fire, card games, and bourbon drinks in the moonlight. Can it get any better than that?

Coastline off Blackwoods Campground

Apparently a lot of other people thought so. When asked "What are you doing for your honeymoon?!" the looks on the faces of friends and family turned to horror upon our response. "You're camping in October in Maine?! You're crazy!" 

Yeah, we probably are, but it was great! The weather was cool and refreshing for biking and hiking during the day, and crisp for campfires and snuggling in our tent at night. It was also the perfect way to start out the trip. It gave us very little distractions so we could revel in the amazingness that we just experienced with our wedding. We loved reminiscing and talking about that day while sitting around the campfire singing along to our wedding playlist. 

Me, eating our wedding cake at the campsite. We bought this cake! We were going to enjoy it, not freeze it! That cake travelled with us throughout the whole Honeymoon and it was AWESOME! Cake by the ocean, for real. Oh, and I'm not obsessed with Buffalo Plaid at all...

We filled our days with bike rides around the various lakes in the park and hikes up the mountains. Every turn was breathtaking. We were in love. 

Now, don't get me wrong. We are really good at roughing it, and we are really good at living it up. So, naturally, after three days of camping in a tent, we were ready to move into the swankiest of swank in Bar Harbor; the Harborside Hotel. Yup... swank.

It was the best of both worlds! We were able to camp in beautiful Acadia and then class it up in charming Bar Harbor! And, we could still hike and bike as we pleased, but we had a pool, hot tub, and spa to come back to. Not to mention, a shower.

This trip opened up my eyes to the beauty of this country. There are so many amazing places and different landscapes across America; I hope to see as much as I can. I know that this vacation was probably a bit unorthodox in terms of your typical Honeymoon style and location. But, I wouldn't have it any other way. It's a place close enough to always go back to; to re-live the memories we made there. There are more trails to hike and bike, and more sights to see. Collin and I already decided that we are definitely going back for our 2 year anniversary in 2017. We can't wait to get back to the beauty and adventure of Acadia National Park.

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the National Park Service. Thank you for keeping these pristine pockets of our country beautiful and accessible to everyone. So many people enjoy the beauty of these parks and are in awe of the landscape of our country. I can say for sure, that this trip helped inspire Sugarhouse Stationery and I'm hoping that through visiting and being inspired by these amazing places, I can keep creating beautiful art and designs for my couples. 

Always Inspired by Nature
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