Moving On, In and Up

I have been totally MIA for a couple of months; the reason being - Sugarhouse Stationery has moved! My husband and I just bought our first home, and along came Sugarhouse Stationery.  As many of you probably know, purchasing and moving into your first home is a process, and one that requires much time and attention. Between work during the day and endless projects happening at night - it's amazing that I am even sitting down writing this blog post! But, it has been a couple of months, and I needed to give you all an update as to what's going on in in our new house an in Sugarhouse Stationery land.

Check out some of our house updates above. We painted the Master Bath a luscious shade of red and added a timeless Toile shower curtain from Grey is my favorite neutral and we painted the Master Bedroom two different shades. And finally, to up the cozy-ness, we added in a wood ceiling to the bedroom. It really served two purposes, covering up the popcorn ceiling and making a cozy retreat. It turned out amazing! I can keep you updated with more house photos as we move along. But now, for Sugarhouse Stationery updates!

We have nailed down our paper supplier and have many samples getting ready to be printed. Next up, we are testing a couple of local printers in the area who will take our paper choices and create some unique printing effects for us! Once we figure these crucial items out, more designing will be happening to create our pre-designed line. All coming by the end of summer! (Hopefully!)

Pretty Paper Samples   //   Pearlized Paper? Yes!

Pretty Paper Samples   //   Pearlized Paper? Yes!

We will keep you updated as things progress at Sugarhouse Stationery. There are so many things happening in all aspects of life right now - it's hard to keep up! But, soon enough we will be even more up-and-running.


More soon!


Maddie Goodnuff