The Beginning

Creating art and beautiful graphics has always been a passion of mine. But I never thought I would pair that passion with weddings; the thought just never crossed my mind. I hadn't even thought much at all about weddings until I moved to Vermont.

A few months after moving here, a new friend of mine had a part time job catering at one of the most beautiful wedding venues in the state. It was a barn venue located in the quaint town of Waitsfield, Vermont. At the time, I lived with some roommates in Burlington and welcomed the idea of making some extra money on the weekends. I figured, why not? I'd waited tables before, how much harder could it be to serve a wedding? As it turned out, it wasn't hard at all; it was actually easier! Almost every guest was excited and happy to be part of the couples special day, the setting was absolutely gorgeous, the music was always fun and upbeat, and the food was to die for. It was a job that took up most of my Saturdays from Spring to Fall, but, it was fun.

Our Wedding Invitation Suite

Our Wedding Invitation Suite

The more weddings I saw, the more I wondered how I could become more involved in the industry. The events were so beautiful. I wanted to be more than just a waitstaff person at these weddings. All of the aesthetics interested me: the opulent floral designs, the pretty confections, and the elegant table settings were all things I admired. As I thought more, I realized; stationery. I have a graphic design background and love working with people. Stationery could be the way I visually interpret the couples vision of their special day. That's it!

The passion for stationery design really came to life when I designed our invitation suite for our own wedding. My husband knew this was the one part of the day that I wanted to go all out on; he gave me free reign. The only thing he told me was: "Don't make it too Frilly Froo Froo". He didn't need to worry; "Frilly Froo Froo" is totally not my style. 

My goal for our stationery was to have our guests open our envelopes and really feel what our wedding day was going to be like. I wanted something unique, something unforgettable, but most of all, something that really matched us. As I worked through design options, drawings, calligraphy, and imagery - I realized how much I loved the rustic, natural look. The more I worked, the more I realized that this aesthetic related back to Collin and me; we love spending time outdoors all seasons of the year snowboarding, hiking, biking, and swimming. This look was perfect for us and our wedding day, but also reflected our personal styles as well.

Once our special day was over, I knew wedding stationery design was something I wanted to pursue. I want to help other couples vision for their wedding day come to life through beautiful designs. This is what inspired Sugarhouse Stationery! 

As a brand new small business in Vermont, my goal for 2016 is to really bring this idea to life, and to have it flourish! This is a totally new venture for me; so it will be an interesting and challenging journey to say the least. Sugarhouse Stationery formally invites you to follow along, check in, offer advice, and engage with me as I develop this business from a hopeful, fleeting idea to a reality.

More to come soon!

- M -

Maddie Goodnuff