Lauren & Ryan // 02.04.2017

My dear friends from college, Lauren and Ryan are getting married in PARADISE this coming February and I had the honor of creating their wedding invitation suite. And to make it even sweeter, my husband and I alsohave the honor of being invited to their special day! Let me tell you, Vermont in February is probably colder than some parts of Antartica, sooooo… you could call this a gift from Heaven. 

But, last year - they didn’t know they would be getting hitched by the ocean. Oh no, they had half a wedding planned out in our home state of Pennsylvania! The beautiful barn venue was already picked out along with the dress. The color palette for the wedding party and the decor was already selected. And, even Save the Dates were designed and stamped; ready to go! (see a sample below) Yep, stamped!


// Round 1 Save the Dates designed for a Rustic Barn style wedding in Pennsylvania

Cue the screeching tires! NOT!

I got a call from Lauren four months later telling me plans have changed. Terror split open my heart during that split second of silence on the phone. 

    “WHAT DO YOU MEAN, LAUREN?!!!?!?!” 

    “Hahaha, oh Maddie, you’re crazy! We’re getting married in Punta Cana now!”

Phew! Well, it was back to the drawing board! Time to design new stationery! I was pumped. Totally different design aesthetic, and one I never saw coming. Bring on the challenge!

Even before the change of location, Lauren and Ryan were my first, true customers of Sugarhouse Stationery. I even started working on their Save the Dates before this little business was born! They gave me the opportunity to work on their wedding invitation suite because, one, they are our friends, but two, they believed that I would be able to deliver their dreams on paper.

The pressure was on… 

// Photographs I had taken years prior on a vacation with my husband to Punta Can

Re-creating their stationery for this particular location was amazing, though. My husband, Collin and I had the opportunity to travel to Punta Cana ourselves a couple of years prior. I captured many photographs of the amazing landscape at the time, and was curious to see if photography was an option in this wedding suite. I consulted Lauren, and she loved the idea. 

The idea was to showcase the beauty of the location, which is exactly what we did by lying the text straight over-top of the custom photography. The colors of the Punta Cana sunrise cast purples, blues, pinks and peach tones across the entire suite. The color combinations turned out absolutely beautiful, and Lauren and Ryan were over the moon upon the delivery of their stationery.

Even though there were changes made to their plans and my designs, the end result was absolutely breathtaking. And, I know that’s exactly how their wedding weekend will be in beautiful Punta Cana. I can’t wait!

More soon.