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The characteristics of paper are very important to me. When your guests open up your envelopes and pull out your stationery, not only do I want them to be blown away by the beautiful designs, but also the quality and beauty of your paper. I have searched far and wide to offer my clients unique and interesting paper choices. They vary between thick and luxurious bright whites, shimmery creams, and 100% recycled options! Below are the categories and descriptions for each paper.



Our standard paper offerings are absolutely beautiful and include a variety of finishes and hand feels. Each paper has it's own personality and can immediately change the look and feel of your stationery. These particular papers are included in all of our Grade-A designs at no extra cost. Just pick your favorite! Read on below to understand more about our standard papers. 


Mohawk 100% Recycled Paper
Smooth, Bright White

This bright white recycled paper is as smooth as silk and reproduces colors crisp and vividly. I chose this paper because it it my go-to choice for almost any project. I love the thickness of this paper as well as how easy it is to write on, if necessary. But, the best characteristic of this paper is the fact that it is made up of 100% Post Consumer Waste! Not only will your stationery look beautiful, but you will be doing a favor for the enviornment as well!

Classic Linen Paper
Textured, Natural White

I chose this paper because of it's uniquely beautiful linen fabric texture. The paper itself is a thick and luxurious card stock that prints flawlessly every time. The linen texture does not vary from front to back, so regardless of how your stationery is viewed, your designs will pop right off of this beautiful paper. 

Esse Pearlized Paper
Smooth, Shimmery White

The Esse Pearlized papers have changed my print world! I tested out a few of these papers and have been blown away by how beautiful they transform my designs. Looking for a touch of glam? Print on pearl. Looking to add dimension to your designs? Print on pearl! It is subtle, but never fails to impress. I use these papers for my personal greeting cards. I just can't get enough!

Cougar Paper
Smooth Ivory

Cougar® papers have always provided a crisp beautiful print. This is my "go-to" paper for most of my personal printing because it always gives me vibrant color and sharp images. The paper itself is smooth, yet soft and the creamy ivory texture adds to the subtle luxury of this choice.

Mohawk Vellum
Light Kraft Texture

This Mohawk paper is one of the best kraft-style papers I have printed on. The color of the paper itself is a subtle, light brown which will not overpower your design but, will add texture and depth to it. If you are looking to add a more natural, rustic feel to your stationery, I would highly recommend this paper!



The papers in our premium line are thicker, heavier, and highlight more unique textures. I found these papers by ordering countless samples, just because they have peaked my curiosity! I absolutely love stationery and I understand that by printing on a different paper can change the whole look of your design. These papers will highlight your unique stationery selections and impress you and your guests.

Mohawk Heavy
Bright White

This paper is one of the most bright white, thick, beautiful papers I have ever printed on. If you are looking for a very, true bright white paper that is thicker than a normal card stock; this paper is for you. The ink soaks beautifully into this paper making for a crisp, bold print. When your guests reveal this strong, thick, tactile paper from their envelopes, they will immediately be impressed and imagine the luxurious event you're inviting them to!

Mohawk Blackline Heavy
Bright White with Black Core

Another beautifully thick paper that evokes a classic and timeless feel. This paper is made up of four uncoated layers with a two-ply black core. This paper is so thick, it is barley bendable!  And, to add to the class of this paper, is its beautiful black core. Your guests will be impressed when they hold your beautiful wedding stationery printed on such high-quality paper. 


Are you looking for something even more impressive? Do you love stationery that highlights simplicity and evokes a timeless quality? Letterpress may be just what you are looking for. Sugarhouse Stationery has unique, customizable design options already created just for letterpress. Within these packages, clients are able to choose up to two colors to be incorporated into their design. These designs are coming soon. Stay tuned!



Are you interested in seeing and learning our various paper types? Order a sample book below and Sugarhouse Stationery will send you a complimentary sample book which includes small paper swatches and more information!

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